is a contestant on Total Drama Designers. She is Barbiegirlvolcano's character. She was the seventh to sign up to the competition. She is labeled as the Friendly Blonde

Audition InterviewEdit

Tell us about you:

I am really smart and really nice and really pretty! But I never met my mom.

Tell us a fault and a virtue about you:

My fault has to be that I am so nice I'm always suckered into alliances! My virtue is that I can contact the spirit world to help me in the competion!

Why did you sign up?:

To make new friends and maybe find a boyfriend...

Barbie, do you think you can win? Why or why not?

I guess I can win. I mean I'm really nice and doesn't everyone like the nice girl?

What obstacles do you think you will have for winning?:

Mean people, and maybe alliances!

Pre-Game InterviewEdit

How far do you think you'll make it?

I don't know. With friends like Dallas and Jamie I think I'll make it to the final 3!

Who would you want to be in the final three with?

Jamie and Dallas!

What do you think about all the other competitors?

Well Katina's a B-I-T-C Never mind! Dallas is nice! Jamie is my BFF!!! And one of them is really hot!

Who would you eliminate first?


How do you think you will make it in challenges?

The alliances i'm in and Jamie! I'd trust her with my life!

If you had to choose someone to come in the competition to accompany you, who would it be?

Lindsay! I miss her so much!
Barbie Kisses Ethan

Barbie kisses Ethan.

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  • Barbie hates Barbie Dolls
  • Barbie so far has only one conflcit.
  • She has also made a BFF.
  • Barbie's favorite color is lime green.
  • She revealed that she's single.
  • Barbie likes baking and is allergic to peanut butter.
  • Barbie is brunette but dyed blonde.
  • She is in Dallas' Alliance.
  • Barbie admitted to having a huge crush on Ethan.
  • Barbie has kissed 2 boys on the show. The first one was Ethan and the second one was Dallas.
  • Barbie is the third/fourth person to cheat on their boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • Barbie and Jamie are the only girls to have confirmed dyed hair.
  • She is the only major protagonist to make it to the final 3.
  • She cries a lot more than any character on the show.
  • She is winning for several people not for herself.
  • Barbie will donate the money ,if she wins, to a charity for orphans.

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