Project Runway is the tenth and last challenge of Total Drama Designers, where the winner is defined. This challenge is performed in the runway.

The challenge is doing eight designs. Do the best you can. Just make the next designs:

  • Street Clothes
  • Formal Wear
  • Design with an Animal Print
  • Rocker Design
  • Modern Design
  • Bussinessman Design
  • Hot Date Design
  • Nude... BUT COVERED!!!

This is the hardest challenge ever. I want a lot of detail, accessories and things that fit the design.

i really hope you good luck.

The Final Veredict

Barbie: Your designs were overall good. You could've put a little bit more detail, but you did everything right. The rest of your designs, during the competition, may not be the best, but are good, and they took you here.

Karl: Oh, Karl. You are such a great designer. You put so much effort on your designs, but now you didn't. There are a few designs that didn't work, and a few others that did. Details are an important thing, if you want to win. Just for you to know, it was overall good.

The winner won for a very close difference of 8 points. The limit of points was 80.