Fashion is the Life is the first challenge of the roleplay.

The host introduces the contestants to their new place, a mansion. There, they meet the most famous designer of their times: Stefano DiMarco, an italian clothes designer, who leads them to their very first challenge. Stefano starts talking about all the clothes and fasions around the world, boring most of the contestants. And then he says that they are here to become fashion designers, more than that. Super fashion designers! So first of all, a fashion designers ALWAYS looks great. That is their first challenge: design a new clothing for themselves.

Stefano gave critics, so that the contestants would have an idea of what they could dress.

Jamie - Stefano said that Jamie would be perfect with high heel boots and straight long pants. She could wear a modern t-shirt with belt.

Karl - Stefano said that without a hat, Karl would look awesome. Also, Karl should use shoes instead of sandals. And to end, A black jacket, instead of a pink one.

Monica - Monica could use red lipstick, high heels, a black knee-long dress with cleveage.

Johnny - He could use a black jacket, red shirt and shoes

Ethan - Stefano wasn't hundred per cent sure, but he could use something casual, but elegant.

Dallas - He could use something similar to Ethan's.

Barbie - Stefano said she should use a short red skirt and a black tank top

Katina - Her's was perfect! No changes!

Jessica - She could use a red, sexy, short dress.

Marcy - She could use something seductive.

Stefano said that the design didn't have to be the same, becauase the wouldn't be DESIGINING the would be DOING WHAT HE SAID

Then, he makes atour thorugh the mansion, showing the V.I.P. Room, and places. After this, they meet Kaicey (TDD), the co-host, friendly and fashionable. She leads them to the sewing room, where thay had to do the challange. When everyone ended, the two hosts called to group to their first elimination ceremony in The Runway.

Stefano started showing the designs and telling the designers how they made it. Then, they saw the votes, and took a decision. The first eliminated of Total Drama Designers is...

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