Old School Days is the first challenge on Total Drama School. Chris tells the 21 contestants that they are coming back to the old school days. Randomly, he puts the names of everyone in a cap, and randomly picks three names. Those people are Ally, Jude and Vicki. They now had to choose 6 more member to form a team each one. When they arrive to the school, Chris tells them that the first challenge is going to the sewing room and make the uniform for you. Each teammate had to do it in the colors asigned. The St. John High School, formed by Vicki, AJ, Nikki, Jackson, Johnna, Mason and Sally, will have to use a red sweater (for guys and girls) and light gray pants (guys and girls) or a light gray skirt (for girls). The Grand Dame High School, formed by Ally, Adam, Bianca, Mikey, Danielle, Kristi and Dylan, have to use a blue sweater (guys and girls) and green pants (guys and girls) or a green skirt (girls). 'The Rander's Elementary, formed by Jude, Andrea, Jeff, Olive, Danny, Daniel (banned for a week) and Derek, won't have to use any uniform. "You might say, This is crap! said Chris "But at the same time, Rander's Elementary will get less benefits than the other two. In the gallery below there are some instructions.