My Model is the second challenge of the roleplay. Stefano starts the recap bu saying lots of drama started, just on the first episode, that they eliminated the first housemate, and that they were ready for their next challenge. The hosts took the nine left contestants to the beach and showed them three models, male and female. They had to design swimsuits. To give some tips, Heather came as an special guest. These were the tips Heather gave:

  • Make something that you would feel comfortable in.
  • Use summer colors. Bright colors, like light-blue, cyan, yellow, pink, hot pink, etc.
  • Remember this:
    • Male: a swimming short. A sleeveless shirt (optional). Flip-flps or sandals
    • Female: Bikini, trikini or one piece mash. Flip-flpos or sandals
    • Both: accesories like sunglasses, necklaces, etc.

Use these models to do the design

Good Luck!