Creepy Trent's is the fifth challenge played on Total Drama Designers. After the leaving of Jessica, only six are left, and once this challenge ends, only five will remain. All the contestants are taken to the hall, to meet Gwen and Trent. Gwen then says that the next challenge was creating some gothic, punk or emo clothes. She gave some tips:

  • Gothic:
    • Don't use only black. Use dead colors, the ones that are dark, with a bit of gray.
  • Punk:
    • Use, besides of black, bright colors, but "evil" ones, like Duncan's green, or a bright red.
  • Emo:
    • Use black and colors like pink or red. Use strips.


  • This episode's title is a reference to "creeppy trends", but it was changes to "Trent's" for some things that happen on this episode.