Ethan is a contestant on Total Drama Designers. He is TDASUPERFAN12's character. He was originally the fifth to sign up, but since a user didn't put the image of his/her character, Ethan kept with the fourth spot. He is labeled as the Skater Chick Magnet.

Audition InterviewEdit

Great, Ethan we need to know more about you...

Let's see, I'm a skater-boarder hoping to become a pro someday. And the chicks absolutely love me!

Tell us a fault and a virtue of yours.

Hmm... I think it would be keeping the ladies off of me. I'm like a chick magnet. You know the chicks love skaters. I'm also not the smartest crayon in the crayon box. And a virtue is that I'm very determined with the things I want.

Why did you sign up?

I signed up to impress the ladies. chicks also dig rich guys. I also want to prove my parents that I'm not as useless as they think I am.

Do you think can win?

Of course I do!


I am the best competitor out there. I also think I can charm my way to the finals.

Which obstacles do you think you will have for winning?

Maybe if I like a girl I'll fall head over heels for her and get distracted. Or if I break every bone of my body!

Pre-Game InterviewEdit

Prizes RewardedEdit

Ethan has been rewarded the "3 Forgiveness" reward.

Ethan has been rewarded

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