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Johnny is a contestant on Total Drama Designers. He is Johnnyboy10465's character. He was suppossed to have the fourth spot, but since he didn't post the image, other user got the fourth spot, keeping Johnny with the fifth spot.

Audition InterviewEdit

Well, tell us a bit about yourself...

I am really handsome, and women love me

A fault and a virtue of yours...

Well, I screwed up in the past, but I don't wish to talk about that at this time. But virtues, I have! I have the virtue of humor, which I impress the ladies with.

Why did you sign up?

To win, of course!

Do you think you can win?

I don't think I stand a chance with my sister in the game! She's going for me first, so I'm gonna need an alliance.

Which obstacles do you think you will have for winning?

Well, my sister! She's gonna do whatever to get rid of me!

Pre-Game InterviewEdit

How far do you think you'll make it?

H'opefully Top 5'

Who would you want to be in the final three with?

Probably Ethan and Karl. I dunno, for some reason

What do you think about all the other competitors?

Some are mean, some nice, and some in between

Who would you eliminate first?


How do you think you will make it in challenges?


If you had to choose someone to come in the competition to accompany you, who would it be?

Probably my best friend!

After-Game InterviewEdit

Why do you think you got voted off?

I didn't, I quit. I had too much going on.

Are you going to miss someone from the game?

Yeah, Karl, maybe.

How do you think the left contestants will be eliminated?

Monica, some other people, and I hope the Final 4's Dallas, Karl, Ethan, and Barbie

Would you want another chance?

Yeah, maybe.

Are you sad about your elimination?

No, I did what I had to do.

Tell us about your time there. Your friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.

Well, not too much drama, but only one conversation on my page with Monica, and my alliance.

Prizes RewardedEdit

Johnny has been rewarded the "3 Forgivennes" reward.

johnny has been rewarded the "3 Forgiveness" reward.

Design GalleryEdit