Katina is a contestant on Total Drama Desingers.She is played by Kate4TDWT. Katina is labled The Cell Phone Adict.

Audition InterviewEdit

Well, Katina, right? Okay, tell us a bit about you...

Katina: Well I grew up in Paris! Spent my whole life travling. I am a desinger....DUH! And I own a LOT of clothes...*ring* Hold on!

A fault and a virtue of yours...

Katina: *laughs* Fault? *ring ring* Hold on! This is important..........Anyway! My virtue! Well....I am just to WONDERFUL!

Why did you sign-up?

Katina: Who wouldn't LOVE my clothes?

Do you think you can win? Why/why not?

Katina: Ummm.. DUH!

Which obstacles do you think you will have for winning?

Katina: None. *ring* Hold on!

Pre-Game InterviewEdit

How far do you think you'll make it?

I will WIN!

Who would you want to be in the final three with?

Dallas maybe?

What do you think about all the other competitors?

I HATE THEM ALL! Especally Jamie! SHE'S GOING DOWN! But Dallas is kinda cool. So's Karl.

Who would you eliminate first?


How do you think you will make it in challenges?

Great! I'm a GREAT person!

If you had to choose someone to come in the competition to accompany you, who would it be?

Seeing Jamie's sister come in would be GREAT! It would make her angry!

After Elimination Interview!Edit

Why do you think you got voted off?

Katina: 'Cause I'm a threat!

Are you going to miss someone from the game?

Katina: I miss Dallas already!

How do you think the left contestants will be eliminated?

Katina: Jamie 'cause everybody hates her. Barbie...cause. Monique. Is THAT her name?

Would you want another chance?

Katina: I can get another chance? OH PLEASE! I PROMISE TO BE NICER! PLEASE?!?!

Are you sad about your elimination?

Katina: Very. I'm weeping.......................on the inside.

Tell us about your time there. Your friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.

Katina: I admit I had I good time. Miss you Dallas!

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  • Katina is the first person to get a nickname that insults them.
  • Katina is the first person voted off.
  • Her firstly developed conflicts may not be continued.
  • She is the first character to have an everyone conflict.
    • Though, she didn't have exactly a conflict with everyone.

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