Monica Redo
is a contestant on Total Drama Designers. She is LiLCraziiGurl77's character. She was the third one to sign up to the competition. She is labeled as the Spoilt Supermodel

Audition InterviewEdit

Okay. Monica, tell us a bit about yourself...

Well, what's not to love about me? I'm everything you want in a 90 pound package! I've got the looks, body and style for this competition. Once I win this thing, the face of Monica will be known all around the globe.

A fault, and a virtue of yours...

A fault? Haha! As if! Everything I do is right! I have no faults, but virtues I do! I have a virtue of seduction and manipulation. Everyone else in the competition better watch out of me.

Why did you sign up?

Why did I sign up? Easy! To win! I came also to become famous, but I can do that easily.

Do you think you can win?

Of course I can!


I've got a passion for fashion, and I've got a little trick up my sleeve!

Which obstacles do you think you will have for winning?

some challenges, I guess, but I'll get over them

Pre-Game InterviewEdit

Prizes RewardedEdit

Monica has been rewarded the "3 Forgiveness" reward.

Monica Has been rewarded

Design GalleryEdit


  • Monica is the only character (so far) that went through a big appearence change, when her page was already created. Her original design is at the right.
    Monica 2
  • Monica is the first person to have a trivia.