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This is My Total Drama Roleplay. Here you can join to roleplays and compete to win prizes! Check out the Sign-Ups pages to get a spot for your character. Before signing up, alwasy remember to check out the rules page so that you don't break any rule. If you see someone breaking a rule, or think we should add another rule, just notifiy the admins and we'll see what to do! Thanks for joining!

Competition Progress

Total Drama Designers

Congratulations, Barbie!

Jamie OUT New Karl OUT New Monica OUT Ethan OUT

Johnny OUT Dallas OUT Barbara Icon Jessica OUT

Katina OUT Marcy OUT Stefano OUT Amy OUT

Total Drama School

The competition is starting! Sign up here!

Total Drama Designers - The Second Round

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Jamie Icon New Karl Icon New Monica Icon Dallas Icon Marcy Icon

Coming Soon!

Coming soon, Total Drama School. Teenagers will sign up to stay in a school. They'll play school-themed challenges!

Special Thanks To:

Barbiegirlvolcano, for letting me use this roleplay, already on her wiki.

Also new, Total Drama Designers - The Second Round. A few of the contestants we already know, plus new ones will compete to be the next Top Designer

Congratulations to barbie, who won last season! Who will win this time?