Sally is a contestant on Total Drama School. She is labeled The Girl Who Loves Orange.

Audition InterviewEdit

Tell us about yourself. Traits, age, country, family, relationship, etc.

I'm from Japan and I'm 18. I really don't have a family, I grew up in an orphanage. Never had a relationship and probably never will. My traits are that I'm nice and I LOVE ORANGE! I'm also a bit of a dimwit!

How do you see yourself in the future?

Working in an orange colored building, selling orange colored/related tee shirts!!

How do you see yourself in the competition?

I feel that I may need to pick up knowlage on the way to win. I am not a threat, I think.

Do you think you can win?

I have no idea!


I don't really think I'm smart enough to make it!!

What do you think will happen to you in the competition?

I'll probably fall in love, become a threat, and get eliminated. Or I'll accidentally do something dimwitted.

What do you aspire in your life?

I plan to achive some brains, if possible.

Pre-Game InterviewEdit

Why do you think you will be eliminated? Alliance. Evil alliance. Hate me. Vote me out.

Which place do you think that you will get? 6th maybe 5th.

How do you see the other contestants?

Jackson: Cute.

Johnna: She's my new rolemodel.

Nikki: Awesomeness and hot in one package.

Mason: Well, I guess he's cool...

Andrea: B****.


Daniel: Cool? I guess.

Derek: Nice.

Danny: Well, I never met him.

Olive: She's so sweet and kind.

Jude: Um...IDK.

Vicki: BFF!

Dylan: He's pretty cool!

Ally: Ally, seems pretty awesome!

Danielle: She's cool!

Kristi: Never met her.

Alan: He's nice.

Bianca: Bigger B****.

Mikey: He's O.k. I guess.

AJ: Friend! :D

Do you have a strategy for winning? Which one?

No...not really.

After-Game InterviewEdit

Why did you get eliminated?

What do you think of the left contestants?

Will you miss someone? Who?

Are you happy to see someone again?

Would you like another chance?

How do you feel about your elimination?