Vicki is a contestant on Total Drama School. She is labeled The Individual.

Audition InterviewEdit

Tell us about yourself. Traits, age, country, family, relationship, etc. I was born in New York and moved to PA when I was 6. I have a mom, dad, and 3 brothers. I'm 16 and I'm nice, smart, and I have a dark side. I just started my first relationship a few days ago.

How do you see yourself in the future? I want to be a millionaress author.

How do you see yourself in the competition? I see myself as a threat.

Do you think you can win? No.

Why? I don't think that I'm capable of winning.

What do you think will happen to you in the competition? I'll probably show my dark side and everyone will vote me off for being a threat.

What do you aspire in your life?

I really don't know.

Pre-Game InterviewEdit

Why do you think you will be eliminated? The people I don't trust will form an alliance to get rid of me.

Which place do you think that you will get? At least the final 5.

How do you see the other contestants?

Jackson: He's cool.

Johnna: She seems pretty awesome.

Nikki: A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! She is awesome!!

Mason: Same thing for him as Johnna.

Sally: Uh... Over-exited! Yeah. Way too over-exited!

Andrea: She seems like nice competion.

Jeff: He seems like a nice guy.

Daniel: He seems friendly.

Derek: Nice. He looks like a nice guy.

Danny: *glaring at him* I don't trust him!

Jude: I can't think of anything nice to say about him.

Olive: She is my new BFF! Eeeee!

Dylan: Well, I think he may be nice. Probably not but maybe.

Ally: She seems really cool.

Danielle: Danielle, yes, she seems really friendly and sweet!

Kristi: ........

Adam: Well, he seems like a nice guy.

Bianca: I'm nice and all, but I bet other divas look at her and go "She is such a diva!!"

Mikey: Smart? Nice? I haven't even met him!!

AJ: My boyfirend? I love him. *grabs a picture of AJ and kisses it* I love AJ!

Do you have a strategy for winning? Which one?

Uh, no. No I do not!

After-Game InterviewEdit

Why did you get eliminated?

What do you think of the left contestants?

Will you miss someone? Who?

Are you happy to see someone again?

Would you like another chance?

How do you feel about your elimination?